Yuuichi Asaoka
Nome Yuuichi Asaoka
Nome japonês 浅岡 優一 (あさおか ゆういち)
Romaji Asaoka Yūichi
Espécies Human
Estado Unknown
Gênero Male
Família Ken Kaneki's aunt (mother)
His father
Ken Kaneki's mother (aunt)
Ken Kaneki (cousin)
Ken Kaneki's father (aunt's husband)
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Yuuichi Asaoka (浅岡 優一, Asaoka Yūichi) is Ken Kaneki's cousin. Because he didn't do well at school, his mother had always compared him with Kaneki, or rather, compared himself with Kaneki's mother. He seems to be the type who neglect their studies and spend their time playing video games.