Yoriko Kosaka
Nome Yoriko Kosaka
Nome japonês 小坂 依子
Romaji Kosaka Yoriko
Espécies Human
Estado Alive
Gênero Female
Destritos 20th Ward
Estréia no Mangá Chapter 1
Estréia no Anime Episode 1
Seiyuu Chinatsu Akasaki
Galeria de Imagens

Yoriko Kosaka (小坂 依子, Kosaka Yoriko) is a normal human and Touka's friend. She is aiming to become a chef. She is a sophomore student at Kiyomi High School..


She has short hazelnut hair in a bob-cut and blunt bangs. She has a very kind and pleasant demeanour, always seen wearing her school uniform and a warm smile.


A friendly, sweet and caring girl who is Touka's classmate and only human friend. Yoriko strives to become a cook. However, her refined cooking tastes even more horrible to ghouls than standard food.[1] She cares deeply for Touka and worries over her. In return, Touka holds her in high regards and surprisingly cares deeply for her too; much like Kaneki with Hide.

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When Touka got sick, Yoriko delivered food to Touka's residence, and discovers Kaneki at her place, mistaking him for Touka's boyfriend.

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Touka Kirishima Editar

Yoriko has been close to Touka for a long time and she seems to suport Touka in the same way Hide dose with Kaneki. 

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