Nome Taro-chan
Nome japonês タロちゃん
Romaji Taro-chan
Espécies Modified Human[1]
Estado Deceased
Gênero Male
Filiações Ghoul Restaurant
Estréia no Mangá Chapter 37
Estréia no Anime Episode 4
Seiyuu Taketora
Galeria de Imagens

Taro-chan (タロちゃん, Taro-chan, real name unknown) is a distorted and intellectually disabled scrapper of the Ghoul Restaurant and owned by Madam A.


Taro-chan has an extremly massive and muscular body, towering over normal humans. He wears black trousers, sandals and gloves. He carries a pair of scissors in his left pocket and has a butcher's knife fixed next to the pocket. His face is hidden by a cloth mask.


Taro-chan's intelligence is low, e.g., he is unable to open a suitcase by himself. He has trouble speaking: His pronunciation is off, his sentences often only consist of a single word, and he tends to repeat the same word. He calls Madam A "Mama", when she talks to him as if Taro-chan were an infant.


After Shuu Tsukiyama had led Ken Kaneki to the Ghoul Restaurant, Taro-chan appeared as the scrapper of the dismantling show. First, he cut up Kobachi, then, he hunted down Ami and roasted her. Finally, he attacked Kaneki, but was unable to saw Kaneki; instead, the saw blunted. Thus, MM ordered him to be given a quinque saw.[2]

As the fight continued, Kaneki broke Taro-chan's left arm, but Taro-chan was able to gain the upper hand because Kaneki was made to inhale a gas that paralyzed him. However, MM heavily wounded Taro-chan when he realized that Kaneki was a One-Eyed Ghoul and proposed Taro-chan as food to the other members of the ghoul restaurant as a replacement for Kaneki. Madam A accepted MM's deal.[3]

Months later, while observing one of his test subjects, Dr. Akihiro Kanou mentions Taro-chan as one of his past experiments. [1]


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