Takeomi Kuroiwa
Ficheiro:Kuroiwa Takeomi.png
Nome Takeomi Kuroiwa
Romaji Kuroiwa Takeomi
Espécies Human
Estado Alive
Idade 20
Gênero Male
Aniversário September 6
Altura 182 cm
Peso 77 kg
Tipo sanguíneo B
Filiações CCG
Família Iwao Kuroiwa (father)
Destritos 1st
Kagune Tsunagi (Bikaku)
Estréia no Mangá :re Chapter 1
Galeria de Imagens

Takeomi Kuroiwa is a Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator, Iwao Kuroiwa's son and a member of the Hirako Squad.

Appearance Editar

Takeomi is a young man and resembles his father in that they both have thick eyebrows and significantly rounder eyes than other characters, but he is leaner, he usually wears formal attire.

Personality Editar

Takeomi comes across as a humble and hard-working individual, though viewed by others as a prodigy with incredible potential and talent. Though aware of Sasaki's true nature, he does not display any of the prejudices typical of an Investigator and expresses admiration for his talent. He states that he is always striving to improve himself, but does not come across as ambitious or proud.

Plot Editar

Torso Investigation Editar

Takeomi assisted First Class Hirako and Rank 1 Itou in suppressing Haise Sasaki when he went out of control after the fight with Serpent.

Nutcracker Investigation Editar

He later approaches Kuki Urie to inquire about how Sasaki is doing. He seems unaware of Urie's anger towards him, and asks about visiting the Quinx some time to speak to their mentor.

Auction Editar

He participates in the Auction raid as part of the Hirako-Shimoguchi Squad.

Power and Abilities Editar

Takeomi is stated to be an exceptionally talented Rookie, chosen to participate in high-level operations. He excelled at the Academy, earning high marks and is considered to be something of a prodigy.

Relationships Editar

Haise Sasaki Editar

Kuroiwa looks up to Haise as a competent investigator, and displays interest in learning from him, as he believes Haise's swordplay is elegant and swift.

Kuki Urie Editar

Their fathers were in the same squad together, suggesting the two have known each other for a long time. Takeomi treats him in a friendly manner, and seeks him out for advice concerning Sasaki. He seems to be unaware of the intense hatred that Urie harbors for the entire Kuroiwa family, blaming them for the death of his father.

Trivia Editar

References Editar

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