Squad 0 was a squad formed under the lead of Arima Kishou to eliminate any ghouls fleeing from underground tunnels. It made its first appearance before the final battle against the real One-Eyed-Owl at the end of the Anteiku Raid.

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Not much is known, but it is comprised of six CCG investigators led by Arima Kishou and can be presumed to be made of the CCG's strongest. Their identities were not revealed as they wore hoodies covering their faces with the typical CCG investigator coat attire.

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Squad 0 had split up individually to assist the other squads during the Anteiku Raid battle and convened when Arima made his second appearance in front of the real One-Eyed-Owl. Although appearing directly behind him upon their arrival, Squad 0 remained in the background and did not participate in the fight that ensued after. One of the members did come to Koori Ui's side to help him up addressing him as 'Sir'. After Arima had dealt a powerful blow to the One-Eyed-Owl, Squad 0 can be seen readied, standing side-by-side with what can be assumed as six identical Quinques taking the form of some sword or sharp weapon.

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