Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 8
Japanese Title: 代行者
Romanized Title: daikōsha
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: December 4, 2014
Young Jump: Issue 2015-01
Chapter Chronology
:re Chapter 7 :re Chapter 9

Agent (代行者, daikōsha) is the 8th chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

Characters Editar

Summary Editar

At the Quinx’s living quarters, Haise smacks Urie for endangering his Squad members, telling him that retreating is a necessity once lives are threatened. Sasaki therefore decides to relieve Urie of his duties as Squad Leader, and the two begin to argue over whom is the highest ranked and which one takes command. Urie insults Sasaki by calling him a ghoul, which in turn angers his other team mates, causing Shirazu to kick him. Sasaki then appoints Shirazu as the new Squad Leader, and threatens to eat Urie if he should ever insult him again. Locked in his room, Sasaki weeps bitterly as he contemplates whether he should be fighting with the CCG or not.

He does a spar with Arima, and they discuss the differences between Urie and Shirazu according to their eligibility to be Squad Leader. Sasaki then apologizes for losing control and using his kagune, but this apology is dismissed when Arima returns the book Sasaki lent him. When asked about his auditory hallucinations, Haise draws the conclusion that Ken Kaneki was who he was in the past. He then mentions that he is unaware of what happened twenty years ago.

Haise then reveals that he respects Arima and Akira as his own parents, saying that he is happy living with the CCG. In his internal monologue, Haise insists that he will be able to thrive, even if his “family” is a “make-believe” one. Back at the living quarters, Shirazu apologizes to Urie, giving him a can of sweetened Red Bean Soup, and tries to coax with Urie to work together as a team this time.

In Team Mado’s Investigation Room, Haise asks Akira about her Investigation at Torso’s residence. She mentions that Torso’s home is filled with the torsos of his victims. Suddenly, Shimoguchi’s Squad alerts Akira, telling her that there is a ghoul who attacked the team, identified as The Rabbit-Masked Ghoul of Aogiri Tree.

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