Persistent People
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 5
Japanese Title: 執徒
Romanized Title: shitto
Total Pages: 17
Year Released: November 13, 2014
Young Jump: Issue 2014-50
Chapter Chronology
:re Chapter 4 :re Chapter 6

Persistent People is the 5th chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

Characters Editar

Summary Editar

In a flashback, a younger Mutsuki is shown with his hair reaching his shoulders. Mutsuki is conversing with personnel from the CCG, talking about the misfortune of his family. They then offer Mutsuki a place in the CCG’s Academy Junior High School, and explain to him that he will be living in a normal lifestyle. Mutsuki then asks for a request to be referred to as a man. He explains that the reason behind this is because he would always feel incredible disgust or distaste towards his existence as a girl.

Torso is seen getting excited over the scar on the left side of Mutsuki’s chest. Mutsuki takes out his Quinques and manages to land a cut on Torso. Torso is surprised that Mutsuki was a Ghoul Investigator and immediately falls back. However, Mutsuki is still beaten by Torso as he receives a barrage of punches to his face. A bike, with Urie and Shirazu, approaches the taxi and Torso notices it. Urie is seen carrying a Quinque case, explaining how he found out Torso’s identity to be Karao Saeki. They speed up when they see Mutsuki in the back of the car.

Shirazu aims for the tire using his Kagune; his right arm turns into an Ukaku and a missile shoots out of it, but to no avail it misses the tire. At that moment, a police car appears behind them. The Police ask both vehicles to stop due them breaking the speed limit. The police car closes in on Shirazu’s bike and Urie does a hand gesture, that shows the target is a Ghoul. The Police then cooperate with them and start to chase the taxi, but both cops are beheaded by Karao’s Kagune. Karao is surprised to see a barricade of police cars on the road up ahead.

Urie wonders if it was if Sasaki asked for the barricade. Karao gets out of the taxi, and Shirazu fires one more missile, gouging out Karao’s stomach. Urie also gets his Kagune to take form and counters Torso. Mutsuki tries to unleash his Kagune but to no avail, berating himself in comparison to Urie and Shirazu.

Urie and the rest continue to fight against Karao. Shirazu explains that Karao is a Rinkaku type and that he heals fast. As Urie and Shirazu are about to capture Karao, Serpent appears. Serpent uses his Kagune to hit away the surrounding police cars. Serpent then comes reveals himself, wearing a snake mask.

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