Chapter Info
Volume: 3
Chapter: 23
Japanese Title: 梨酒
Romanized Title: rishu
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: April 2, 2015
Young Jump: Issue 2015-18
Chapter Chronology
:re Chapter 22 :re Chapter 24

Perry (梨酒, rishu) is the 23rd chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

Characters Editar

Summary Editar

Nutcracker ambushes the Ooshiba Squad, engaging in a fierce battle against them. Meanwhile, Sasaki and the Quinx battle Kanae, but are interrupted by the arrival of Matsumae who seals off the hallway and escapes.

The Ooshiba Squad is wiped out after Nutcracker reveals she has a second kagune, but manage to get out one final distress call. Matsuri orders the Quinx to eliminate Nutcracker, who has been upgraded to an S rank. Sasaki requests that Mutsuki be allowed to withdraw for medical treatment, and the commander agrees while ordering Urie to escort him. This angers Urie, who seems to grudgingly accept his orders. However, once the teams have split he calls out to Mutsuki.

Meanwhile, Matsuri contacts the Atou Squad to order them to support the Quinx -- unaware that Takizawa has already wiped them out. The former Investigator answers the radio, creating the illusion that all is well.

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