The Value of Waiting
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 11
Japanese Title: 待ち甲斐
Romanized Title: machigai
Total Pages: 20
Year Released: December 25, 2014
Young Jump: Issue 2015-04-05
Chapter Chronology
:re Chapter 10 :re Chapter 12

The Value of Waiting (待ち甲斐, machigai) is the eleventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Summary Editar

The chapter begins with two squads discussing the Nutcracker case. Hanbee Abara asks where the other members of Qs are. Haise apologizes and tells him that Saiko and Shirazu are not present. Suzuya then appears and Haise greets him, with sweets and treats, something he has been doing for years, according to Hanbee.

Shirazu appears with Saiko on his back, apologizing for being late, and Hanbee starts reviewing the case by mentioning only the important points.

The ghoul Nutcracker is a very particular eater that mainly preys on men's testicles, crushing and then slurping them up in the form of a paste. However, there are cases where it doesn't prey at all; it's suspected that it's providing human resources in those cases - in other words, human trafficking. They mention Big Madam and say that she will eventually request Nutcracker to provide humans, a speculation of associate special class Washuu. They have identified the Nutcrackers face and habitat, but to prevent even more horrible cases they have for now, decided to let her roam free.

The Qs squad is later seen sitting at a cafe working on an investigation, where they start rambling about their problems within the team, until a woman, makes eye contact with Shirazu. He panics and the woman approaches their table, cleaning up the mess.

After they leave the cafe, Mutsuki mentions Urie and tells Shirazu about his lies, just to let Saiko cause discord within the team.

Urie approaches Haise with a letter of consent for an operation, telling him that he to get it signed. However, Haise tells Urie that he agreed upon Washuu's request of being a mentor- he is supposed to show the Qs team how to use their power the right way. Haise tells Urie that they are not guinea pigs, and that this way of doing things isn't right.He tells Urie that his Qs ability isn't his only quality, and that there's plenty of improvement for him right now.

At a café named OCEANS'R, Kanae Von Rosewald is seen talking to Chie Hori. He returns a pair of underwear to Chie. When she asks about Tsukiyama’s reaction, Kanae says he didn’t respond.

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