Pseudo Limit
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 10
Japanese Title: 疑枠
Romanized Title: giwaku
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: December 18, 2014
Young Jump: Issue 2015-03
Chapter Chronology
:re Chapter 9 :re Chapter 11

Pseudo-Limit (疑枠, giwaku) is the tenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re

Characters Editar


Sasaki, Shirazu and Mutsuki leave the café, and Shirazu wonders why Sasaki has been acting awkward ever since they left the coffee shop.

At the Quinx’s living quarters, Mutsuki announces that Saiko has arrived. Saiko is seen in her room playing video games, and suddenly senses three people coming to her room. When Saiko refuses to leave her room, Urie and Shirazu use their kagune to break the door. Saiko mentions that the reason why she has not been working lately is because Urie told her to work independently.

Urie informs Saiko that the CCG plans to fire her, and the support she is provided with is likely to cut off naturally. Saiko becomes worried that she might have to return to work at her mother’s bar, and therefore decides to work harder this time. It is made known that Urie is using Saiko to cause confusion within the team, so that he can reclaim his position as Squad Leader.

The following day, Shirazu becomes annoyed when Saiko doesn’t wake up in time. The rest of the team goes to visit Hanbee, who says that Suzuya had overslept. As they converse about the Gourmet Club and the Nutcracker being connected to the Madam’s world, Sasaki wonders about the waitress at the :re café who gave him a handkerchief when he started to cry.

In an internal monologue, Sasaki mentions that the girl gave a sad smile, and thinks to himself that someone this beautiful really does exist.

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