A Quinx is a human with a modified Quinque installed in their body. Because this resembles a normal Kagune, they are commonly mistaken for ghouls and half ghouls.


Quinx are similar to one-eyed ghouls because they only develop one kakugan, in contrast to normal ghouls who develop kakugans in both eyes, but they have a grey schlera instead of a black schlera. It is unknown if this is because of RC suppressants. Quinx can digest human food and they do not crave human flesh, unlike half ghouls and normal ghouls do. Even so, it is shown that devouring human flesh still increases the overall power and stamina of a Quinx.  

Quinx are shown to possess increased physical traits similar to those of Ghouls, though this appears to vary greatly from individual to individual. A heightened sense (smell, hearing, sight) is typical, and healing abilities on par with those of a Ghoul are possible side effects of the surgery. The enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and agility normal for Ghouls do not appear to be shared with the Quinx.

The Quinx Surgery was created after Ken Kaneki was examined by CCG after his capture. The kakuhou installed into their body is modified through a process similar to the method used to create Quinques, believed to make them safer. This method involves coating the kakuhou in Quinque Steel, and then implanting it with a special system of "Frames" to regulate function. There are a total of five frames, with each subsequent Frame increasing or decreasing the potential output of the kakuhou by 20%. This process has not only limited the potential strength of the kagune, but restricted its form when compared to the highly-adaptable kagune used by normal Ghouls.



  • According to Dr. Shiba, the members are all currently set at F2 or 40% output.
  • Dr. Shiba theorizes that the Quinx are able to eat human food as long as their RC levels remain below 1000, the minimal level for a normal Ghoul. It is unknown what would happen should they exceed this threshold.
  • The process of coating the kakuhou in Quinque steel may be to prevent the implant from converting the implanted individual into a One-eyed Ghoul by restricting contact with native tissues.


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