One-Eyed King/Patch/Centipede/Haise Sasaki/Ken Kaneki
Nome One-Eyed King/Patch/Centipede/Haise Sasaki/Ken Kaneki
Espécies One-Eyed Ghoul
Estado Alive
Idade 18/19 years old (Tokyo Ghoul)

22/23 years old (Tokyo Ghoul re:)

Gênero Male
Aniversário December 20th (as Kaneki)

April 2nd (as Haise)

Altura 1,69 (Tokyo Ghoul)/1,70 (Tokyo Goul re:)
Peso 55/58
Tipo sanguíneo AB
Filiações Aogiri no Ki CCG Anteiku Black Goat
Família NONE
Destritos 20th
Galeria de Imagens

The One-Eyed-King was the misteryous leader from Aogiri no Ki in the mangá/anime Tokyo Ghoul, known as the One-Eyed-Owl.


The identity of the One-Eyed King is a great mystery within the series, with little known about them and causing them to be something of an Urban Legend within the Ghoul community.

  • Nico has suggested that the King does not actually exist.[1]
  • Nico and Akihiro Kanou have both stated the King is related or connected to Yoshimura.[2][3]
  • Ken Kaneki confronts Yoshimura with the accusation that Aogiri's leader is his child.[4]
  • Kaiko states that the One-Eyed Owl and Aogiri are connected.[5]
  • During Anteiku Raid when Tatara appeared with Noro he said that the King will pass and at that time the One-Eyed Owl was fighting the investigators.
  • Tsuneyoshi Washuu and Kuki Urie have both stated that the One-Eyed King and the One-Eyed Owl are the same person.[6][7]


Thus far into the series, the One-Eyed-King has been shown with a skull-like mask. They have a kakugan in one eye only. It is unknown whether this is their true appearance or merely an imagined appearance.


Nothing is known about the King's personality, though they seem to have a powerful and charismatic nature based simply on their ability to unite the largest Ghoul organization on record. Their ideology of Ghoul supremacy appeals to many Ghouls, and inspires great loyalty from them.


Power and AbilitiesEditar

The One-Eyed King is said to be more powerful than most One-Eyed Ghouls.


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