Mougan Tanakamaru
Nome Mougan Tanakamaru
Nome japonês 田中丸 望元
Romaji Tanakamaru Mōgan
Espécies Human
Estado Alive
Gênero Male
Filiações CCG
Kagune Higher Mind/Angel Beat (Ukaku) (destroyed)
Estréia no Mangá Chapter 118
Estréia no Anime Episode 14
Seiyuu Tsuyoshi Koyama
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Mougan Tanakamaru (田中丸 望元, Tanakamaru Mōgan) is a Special Class Investigator from the CCG and the director of CCG's 2nd Ward Branch Office. He acted as the captain of Squad 2 in the Anteiku raid.


Mougan is a heavy-built man of middle age, with dark hair and eyes. He wears his hair in a Pompadour style, and has a neat moustache.


Mougan seem to be too emotional as he is seen shedding tears of admiration while he was watching Arima fighting the One-Eyed Owl. He has a tendency of shouting his attacks. He also seen complimenting other investigators for their determination calling them model investigators. However, despite his emotional nature he is willing to fight and kill ghouls. His personality somewhat resembles that of a stereotypical 'dandy'.


Anteiku RaidEditar

Mougan led the Squad 2 and later fought against Devil Ape, eventually, Mougan managed to defeat Koma, before interrupted by Kaneki, who rescued Koma.

Root A (Anime only)Editar

Mougan first appears in a high-profile CCG meeting, concerning Aogiri.

Powers & AbilitiesEditar

As a Special-Class Investigator it can be assumed he is quite powerful. His quinque, Higher Mind, is one of the most unique quinque in that it seems to shoot energy blasts instead of RC projectiles. It seems to be connected with a briefcase through a wire that provides the energy used in each shot, but there might be another function as he was capable of gravely injuring Koma with a powerful shot even after the wire had been cut. He can use 'Compress' for an area-of-effect blast, and 'Diffuse' to release the same energy as multiple fang-like projectiles. With Higher Mind, he has been shown to take down multiple ghouls at once with a large beam-like shot.

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