Michie Takizawa
Nome Michie Takizawa
Nome japonês 滝澤 道江 (たきざわ みちえ)
Romaji Takizawa Michie
Espécies Human
Estado Alive
Gênero Female
Família Seidou Takizawa (son)
Seina Takizawa (daughter)
Estréia no Mangá Chapter 123
Estréia no Anime Episode 21
Seiyuu Meiko Kawasaki
Galeria de Imagens

Michie Takizawa (滝澤 道江, Takizawa Michie) is the mother of the Ghoul Investigator Seidou Takizawa and Seinan Gakuin University student Seina Takizawa.

Appearance Editar

Michie is a middle-aged woman with dark brown hair, worn up in a loose knot.

Personality Editar

Michie is a rather ordinary woman, and a very doting mother to her children.

Plot Editar

At some point in the past, an elderly neighbor named Satou was killed by a Ghoul. Seeing his mother's distress over the event, Seidou decided to become a Ghoul Investigator.

Michie is surprised when her son comes to visit, and fusses over him still being single. She recalls him having an attractive classmate, but is berated for suggesting this. She remains unaware of her son's worries over the upcoming operation in the 20th Ward, with him ultimately leaving his possessions to her in his Will.

Relationships Editar

Trivia Editar

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