Nome Matsumae
Espécies Ghoul
Estado Alive
Gênero Female
Filiações Tsukiyama family
Tipo Rc Rinkaku
Estréia no Mangá :re Chapter 17
Estréia na Novela Tokyo Ghoul: Days
Galeria de Imagens

Matsumae is a teacher at Seinan High School and the homeroom teacher of Shuu Tsukiyama. She is also a Ghoul in the employment of the Tsukiyama family.


Matsumae is a young woman with dark hair, cut in a chin-length bob.


Little is shown of her personality, though she appears responsible for keeping an eye on Tsukiyama while acting as his teacher.


During class, Matsumae calls Tsukiyama out into the hallway. There, she inquires whether he wants her to dispose of Chie Hori. However, he reassures her that he has things under control.


Matsumae accompanies another family servant, Kanae von Rosewald, to the Auction in search of something for their master. She comments on the excellent seating he's managed to obtain, and watches the events with interest. When he loses the bidding war for Tooru Mutsuki, she reassures Kanae that they can do their best to win the next item.

As the raid on the Auction begins, Kanae tells her to escape without him, as he has unfinished business.


Shuu TsukiyamaEditar

Kanae von RosewaldEditar

Powers and AbilitiesEditar

  • Rinkaku Kagune: Matsumae's kagune takes the form of two tentacles similar in shape and texture to tree branches, which she wields with considerable grace. She also possesses a previously unseen ability to detach part of her kagune, creating a barrier similar in nature to the RC Walls found in the 24th Ward and Dr. Kanou's laboratory. It has sufficient strength and durability to impede attempts at pursuit, lasting longer than is normal for a detached piece of kagune.


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