Koori Ui
Nome Koori Ui
Nome japonês 宇井 郡
Romaji Ui Kōri
Espécies Human
Estado Alive
Gênero Male
Filiações CCG
Destritos 4th
Kagune Taruhi (Koukaku)
Estréia no Mangá Chapter 118
Estréia no Anime Episode 14
Seiyuu Keisuke Ada (Yoshinori Fujita)
Galeria de Imagens

Koori Ui (宇井 郡, Ui Kōri) is an Associate Special Class Investigator. He is in charge of the 4th ward, and a former protege of Kishou Arima.


Koori is a young man of average build, with an androgynous appearance. He wears his dark hair in a sleek chin-length bob, and wears dark-colored suits while on duty.


Koori has a somewhat easy-going personality, making casual comments or jokes even during tense moments. However, he also shows an insightful nature when expressing his unease over the outcome of the raid on the 20th Ward.


Anteiku Raid Editar

Ui joined the battle with Yoshimura, and remained fighting until only him and Suzuya were left conscious fighting the second Owl that appeared.

Post-20th Ward One-Eyed Owl BattleEditar

After the Anteiku Raid, Koori is shown sitting on a bench with Hirako, discussing about the outcome of the battle and that they're not sure if they really even won the battle.


Kishou ArimaEditar

Arima is Koori's former mentor, being partnered together in the past.

Take HirakoEditar

As both of them have had Arima as a mentor and partner, they seem to have a friendly relationship with each other and discusses about battles.

Power and AbilitiesEditar

Koori is a highly-skilled Investigator, referred to as the "Hope of the Arima group". He is an exceptional fighter, able to survive for an extending time while facing the One-Eyed Owl in battle. an acrobatic daredevil like Suzuya, as implied when stealing Itsuki Marude's motorcycle together with him though more saner.

  • Taruhi: A halberd-shaped quinque he uses in battle against the Owl.

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