Ken Kaneki's mother
Nome Ken Kaneki's mother
Espécies Human
Estado Deceased
Gênero Female
Família Ken Kaneki's father (husband)
Ken Kaneki (son)
Ken Kaneki's aunt (elder sister)
Yuuichi Asaoka (nephew)
Her sister's husband
Estréia no Anime Episode 12
Seiyuu Rieko Takahashi
Galeria de Imagens

Ken Kaneki's mother raised her son by herself until she died due to overwork when Kaneki was 10 years old.[1]


She was a slender woman with short black hair. She also wore glasses.


She was intelligent and always kind. She believed that a kind person finds happiness just by love and becoming the person who gets hurt, rather than hurting others. She wouldn't refuse any request of help and was equal to everybody in her kindness.[2][1] As a mother, she never once scolded or insulted Kaneki.

Rize in Kaneki's mind and "illusion" described her kindness as weakness, saying that she was rather 'foolish' and couldn't choose one thing over the other, overworking herself and eventually dying because of this. Since the death of his mother, Kaneki felt it necessary to sustain this ideology.


Aogiri Arc

Kaneki's mother appeared multiple times in the illusions monitored by Rize. She was shown to be a hardworking mother; as she worked two jobs, and committed herself to being a housewife as well. This however, caused her to feel sick and tired the majority of the time. She also seemed to be too weak for compromise, as she believed that one must be the person getting hurt, rather than others. An example of this is when she gave her little sister money. This lead her to unknowingly focus on the things that only came about as disadvantages, such as when she sacrifices to give her sister money. Due to the amount of work, Kaneki's mother almost never had the time to spend with him, so he was lonely most of the time and stayed in his father's study room. After his mother's death, Kaneki proudly sustained her ideologies throughout his life. Upon being approached by Rize's manifestation, pointing out how weak his mother really was, Kaneki goes into a deep emotional breakdown, berating his mother for not living for her son. Kaneki eventually disengaged from his mother's ideologies, and started to make his own decisions.


Ken Kaneki Editar

She raised her son after the death of her husband and cared for him as a single mother.



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