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Kaneki's group
, also known as the "Kaneki Kru" is formed by many ghouls cooperating to help Kaneki achieve his various personal goals.

Kaneki's main objective is protect his friends and those who are important to him. Thus, after he was kidnapped by Aogiri Tree and tortured by Yamori, he resolved to "pick out" any people he considers bad or threatening to his home.

This group also holds direct enmity towards Aogiri, which makes standing against them a major priority.

Currently, the group has been disbanded by Kaneki due to the unexpected CCG raid on Anteiku, an important haven for many peaceful ghouls.


In order to prevent Aogiri from getting their hands on Professor Kanou, the group hunted the scientist's whereabouts for about six months. Kaneki was also hoping to get his own questions answered by Kanou while searching for Rize's real identity.[1]

After getting information on Madam A having "modified humans" as scrappers and suspecting Kanou's influence, Kaneki infiltrated the Ghoul Restaurant with Tsukiyama's aid. He attempted to contact Madam A during the ambush, but was stopped by Kurona and Nashiro. News about the restaurant's destruction and rumors of Kaneki's involvement spread.[2][1]

As of now, the group has been disbanded. Kaneki is conscripted by the CCG under the identity of Haise Sasaki, Hinami has joined Aogiri Tree, Banjou is alive but his current whereabouts are unknown and Tsukiyama is in a deep state of depression due to Kaneki's supposed death.


The group has also an informant named Chie Hori, who is one of Tsukiyama's connections and acquaintances.
Itori also provides information for them as well in return for the information she gets from Kaneki.


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