Chapter 6
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Volume: 1
Chapter: 6
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Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 34
Chapter Chronology
Jack: Chapter 5 Jack: Chapter 7

Chapter 6 is the sixth chapter in the Tokyo Ghoul spinoff Tokyo Ghoul: JACK.

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Fura visits Aki at the Hospital once again. She complains that nothing reflects in her right eye, so she is incapable of seeing properly, though the only thing she can do in the room is stare at the scenery outside. Aki thinks that this is punishment for her sins; for wasn’t attending school, and instead followed a gang of bikers. Fura then tells her that her right eye was taken by a ‘ghoul.’

At school, Minami gives Fura and Arima several reports on the information she collected, regarding rumors of bones that were found at the prefabricated house of an unused construction site. Fura is amazed at how well Minami is at investigating, and the fact that she even shows an interest in it, to which Minami responds that she likes helping people. Minami then suggests that they go to the house to do more research, but Arima declines, thanking her for the information, and adding that the risk would be too high if she came along with them. Minami becomes disappointed, but still persists to help them with the information they need.

When Fura and Arima visit the house, Arima notes that there may be numerous ghouls hiding themselves though they do exist. They find a deceased ghoul, and so Arima decides to wait for the superior investigators to arrive. Taishi rides away on his bike, revising the ten ghouls that he and Arima had exterminated, though they never actually managed to capture “Lantern.” Fura then meets up with Minami, and thanks her for all the help she gave them. They then talk about Arima, comparing the meaning of his name with that of a “Knight.” After noticing a suspicious looking being walk across the street, they conclude it to be a ghoul, deciding to summon Arima.

When they tail the ghoul and stop at a building, Arima instructs Fura to go in the opposite direction, leaving Minami to stay by his side. Minami then commends Arima for saving her, and praises him for the techniques he uses in battle. However, much to Arima’s frustration, Minami abruptly brings out her kagune, plunging toward him, and declares that he should die.

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