Chapter 4
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Volume: 1
Chapter: 4
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 30
Chapter Chronology
Jack: Chapter 3 Jack: Chapter 5

Chapter 4 is the fourth chapter in the Tokyo Ghoul spin-off Tokyo Ghoul: Jack.

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At an unidentified hideout, some ghouls gather up to discuss the fact that the ghoul investigators have been focusing mostly on the 13th ward as of late-that being a two-man team of High school students. The ghouls are advised to be on their guard, as one of the students may be physically strong, but the other one wields an anti-ghoul weapon. When the members berate Fura and Arima as mere kids who play with toys, ‘Lantern’ bewares them that they themselves might even trip and falter though they may be strong ghouls, for they don’t stand a chance against the team.

Katou Sumihara is a twenty-two year old ghoul who works as a hair stylist, or Beautician. He seems to be an expert as his job, as seen when he advises a customer that short hair looks better on her for the Summer season, and also when he noted that she hadn’t been sleeping well just by touching her hair. As Katou cuts her hair, he is shown to have an abnormal obsession with it, since his ghoul instinct and appetite are suddenly aroused. He courteously bids her farewell, but in his psyche, he is shown to bear some sort of malice against humans. He admits to his disturbing desire to shave their heads bald, for his only enjoyment is eating the hair of his human customers. Katou also wishes to pull out the hair follicles and scrape off the scalp cap to get a taste of the interior scalp meat-hence; taking pleasure in killing and eating the customers whose hair he takes a liking to.

Katou carefully plans for his next meal, because recently, due to Ghoul investigators swamping the 13th ward, he hasn’t been eating to the point of satisfaction. He then sees a girl named Minami, and reveals to have been admiring her for over a year. She is a second year High school student, and Katou mentions that the first day he saw her; he trembled, for his appetite was stimulated by her hair. Katou absentmindedly exposes his hunger for her flesh and blood, because given that it carried an overwhelming “unique” fragrance, and mentions that he’ll soon cut away all her hair: implying that he’d kill her to get what he wants.

The same night, Minami takes a dark alley on the way home, noting the road to be dangerous. Katou stealthily inches closer to Minami, grabbing her by the neck. Strangling her, he slams her into a nearby wall. Unexpectedly, Arima and Fura flee to the scene, attacking Katou. Taishi asks about Minami’s well being, but Minami is shocked to see Arima there as well. Arima however, chastises Taishi for slipping off guard, noting the ghoul to be a little strong for an opponent.

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