En was an infamous gang from the 20th Ward, noted for wearing stylized Gorilla masks and white parkas.

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En was a gang of violent Ghouls operating out of the 20th Ward, and led by the Devil Ape. They established themselves by targeting strong Investigators, challenging and killing them. Their territory brought them into conflict with The Black Dobers, a rival gang from the same Ward. Yoshimura dissolved the gang roughly a decade prior to the series, recruiting their leader as an employee at Anteiku.

The gang reunited one final time during the raid in the 20th Ward, fighting the massive force of Investigators assembled to destroy Anteiku. Special Class Mougan Tanakamaru was dispatched to deal with them, killing several members and mortally wounding their leader, Koma. The survivors would flee underground and regroup at V14, where they were ambushed and wiped out by Kishou Arima.



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