Homing Instinct
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 6
Japanese Title: 帰巣
Romanized Title: Kisō
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: October 13, 2011
Young Jump: Issue 2011-46
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 5 Chapter 7

Homing Instinct (帰巣, Kisō) is the 6th chapter in the manga.



Touka slams Kaneki’s head against a nearby wall, and discerns that he is surely a ghoul, as Kaneki’s body isn’t injured via her attack. Touka mortifies Kaneki; since he does not belong to the group of humans nor ghouls, there’s nowhere he truly belongs. The girl implied that Kaneki bring himself to the edge of starvation if he really wants to stick to the human side. Touka also told him that starvation for a ghoul was literally hell, and that he would end up acting upon instinct if he really goes hungry.

Kaneki allows her words to sink in, anxious and scared at the fact that he was going to be alone and on his own. He then receives a message from Hide, offering him the Asian History notes once again. Kaneki decides that there still is one place where he belongs; his place with Hide at school.

Kaneki goes back to school with an eye patch, for he could not control his eye. He admits that the piece of human meat Touka gave him made him feel a lot better, though he is still hungry. Hide approaches him, giving Kaneki details of the upcoming School Festival, also introducing him to some seniors who were part of the planning committee. Kaneki is offered a position in the committee to which Hide objects that his friend is not used to being around crowds.

Hide points out that Kaneki hasn’t been eating much, as he looks pale. Kaneki is struck with remorse, for Hide is highly perceptive and notices things out of the ordinary. Kaneki blames himself, thinking that if someday he truly becomes a ghoul, then he and Hide won’t be able to walk alongside each other anymore.

The two are requested to go see Nishio for a DVD of the previous year's school festival, and unknowingly barge into the room where Nishiki and his girlfriend, Kimi were making out. Hide apologizes but Nishiki insists that he respect his elders. Kaneki notices the strong aroma of coffee in the room, and comes to the realization that he encountered Nishiki that night on the feeding ground. He grows frightened by the fact that Nishiki might kill him. Hide begins introducing Kaneki to Nishiki, but unbeknownst to him, Nishiki secretly shows his hostility.

Even though he was told that there isn’t a place for him, Kaneki is surprised at how well Nishiki fits in with humans.


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