Chapter Info
Volume: 6
Chapter: 50
Japanese Title: 万丈
Romanized Title: Banjō
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: October 11, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-46
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 49 Chapter 51

Banjou (万丈, Banjō) is the 50th chapter in the manga.



Banjou enters Anteiku, asking for the shop Manager. When asked his purpose for being at the coffee shop, he mentions that he’d like to know about Rize Kamishiro. Kaneki decides to take him further inside, and asks Banjou to prove that he is a ghoul. Banjou mentions that he and Rize once resided in the 11th ward, but came to Anteiku in search for her. Kaneki suspects that Banjou doesn’t know about Rize’s death, but becomes agitated that Banjou sniffs off him, hence detecting Rize’s scent. Banjou grabs Kaneki, accusing him of being Rize’s boyfriend. Banjou then picks a fight with Kaneki, throwing his fist, but when Kaneki accidentally hits him in the face with his elbow, Banjou faints.

While Banjou was sleeping, his followers told Kaneki that he had fallen in love with Rize, and admired how she lived her own life, using her own power. When she left the 11th ward, Banjou felt insignificant, but still led the ward at his best since Rize entrusted it to him. Kaneki also learns that Banjou knows about Rize’s past, and has decided that he wants to talk with Banjou.

Back at the Aogiri hideout, a young man is angered at the fact that Banjou had not answered his phone calls. He reveals that he is also in search for Rize, and is asked about his life while growing up in the 20th ward. He mentions that the 20th ward is peaceful, and even his family was peaceful. He is then introduced as Ayato Kirishima; a ghoul of the 11th ward.


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