Feeding Ground
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 5
Japanese Title: 喰場
Romanized Title: Jikiba
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: October 6, 2011
Young Jump: Issue 2011-45
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 4 Chapter 6

Feeding Ground (喰場, Jikiba) is the 5th chapter in the manga.



Nishiki starts to assess Kaneki, concluding that he is indeed a ghoul after he had purchased so much coffee from the store. Kaneki notices that Nishiki has grown somewhat hostile towards him, as he cracks a finger. Nishiki corners him and suddenly chokes Kaneki, who apologizes, saying that he didn’t know the territory was someone else’s property.

Touka intervenes, insisting that this is not Nishiki’s property, but rather, Rize’s feeding ground. Nishiki replies that Rize is in fact dead, and that the space was originally his until Rize came along. The two began to debate, arguing over whose strength really deserved the ownership of the small alley. Touka and Nisihiki finally charge, engaging in a brawl, with Touka winning.

Kaneki apprehensively questions about what ghouls are, to which Touka responds that ghouls kill people who have no connection to their fellow ghouls, and that they basically have no concepts, morals or order in society. She mentions that the ghoul world is the worst. Kaneki tries to stick to his human side, persisting that he will not eat the human meat under any circumstance.

Touka offers help, by attempting to shove the meat into Kaneki’s mouth. He reluctantly swallows it, beginning to express guilt, for he was so desperate to find another way to feed himself as nothing more than a human.

Taking Touka by offense, he declares that he’s not like those ghoul ‘monsters.’


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