Chapter Info
Volume: 5
Chapter: 43
Japanese Title: 残痕
Romanized Title: Zankon
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: August 23, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-39
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 42 Chapter 44

Scar (残痕, Zankon) is the 43rd chapter in the manga.



Kaneki begs Tsukiyama to kill him immediately, but when he delays, Kaneki decides to save Kimi with his kagune. Since he is unable to send any power to it, Tsukiyama approaches Kimi, but is immediately appalled by the scar she had on her shoulder.

Nishiki starts remembering his entire past. He and his elder sister were left alone by their parents, and were forced to hunt and fend for themselves. His sister decided to act in place of their mother. She desired to go to school and live a life like humans do, but since she’d be found out, she decided to take on a part time job so that she and her brother could wear nice clothes and sleep on a fluffy bed. Unfortunately, Nishiki’s sister got fired from every part time job she took. She also met a shop owner whom she admired, but one day she was killed by ghoul investigators when the shop manager sold her out. Nishiki was forced to go on living alone, as “Nishiki Nishio” and use her savings for survival. One day at a vending machine in college, he met a girl whom he came to know as Kimi. The two began to hang out, consequently entering a relationship. Kimi came home one day to see Nishiki in a state of starvation and near death. She allowed him to eat her meat, therefore accepting him as a ghoul. Kimi reveals that her family had died in a plane crash on the same day she met him, and that Nishiki basically saved her from her sadness. Though Nishiki found it hard to trust humans, he mentions that it would be okay if he were to be betrayed by Kimi.

Nishiki finally musters up the strength to try and stop Tsukiyama from hurting Kimi.


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