Chapter Info
Volume: 5
Chapter: 41
Japanese Title: 月光
Romanized Title: Gekkō
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: August 2, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-36
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 40 Chapter 42

Moonlight (月光, Gekkō) is the 41st chapter in the manga.



Kaneki suspects that Tsukiyama abducted Kimi just to get a chance near him. Nishiki, still in his critical state, manages to reach Anteiku in search for Kimi, only to find out that Tsukiyama took her. When Kaneki hesitates to take Nishiki with him, Nishiki insists, saying that he couldn’t even sleep if he were to go home.

Kaneki and Nishiki visit Tsukiyama, where they say Kimi tied up and surrounded by candles on what was believed to be Tsukiyama’s altar. Nishiki loses his temper, swearing to not let Tsukiyama interfere with Kimi. Tsukiyama mentions that Kimi would be his dinner spice for the night, and that he wants to eat Kaneki at the maximum level of freshness; in that he’ll eat Kaneki while Kaneki eats Kimi. Nishiki in turn labels Tsukiyama as perverse; but the latter blames Kaneki for making him behave this way. Nishiki charges towards Tsukiyama but is quickly thrown to the ground, leaving Kaneki to fend for himself. To no avail, Kaneki’s combat skills are compared to that of a baby bird taking tottering steps.

Tsukiyama eventually defeats Kaneki, but later succumbs to a surprise attack by the hands of Touka.


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