Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 4
Japanese Title: 珈琲
Romanized Title: Kōhī
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 29, 2011
Young Jump: Issue 2011-44
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 3 Chapter 5

Coffee (珈琲, Kōhī) is the 4th chapter in the manga.



After his big discovery, Kaneki goes to a downtown store looking for coffee, since this and water are the only two things that are edible to both ghouls and humans. Here he comes to the conclusion that none of the coffees he sampled have the ability to mask the disgusting taste in his mouth. He runs into Nishiki, who advises that the Blondie coffee is the best instant coffee to date, as it wields a strong flavor.

While walking home that night, Kaneki smells a delicacy from afar, comparing it with his mother's cooking. He rushes to the smell, thinking that it’ll be something he can finally eat with the exception of human meat. Upon his arrival he sees a ghoul, Kazuo Yoshida feeding on a human body, and recognizes that he was attracted by the stench of a human corpse.

Kazuo questions him as to why he is surprised, assuming that Kaneki must be a ghoul too. Suddenly Nishiki appears, earning Kazuo his death in one full blow. Nishiki remarks that he needn’t any intruders on his feeding grounds.

Kaneki recalls that he met Nishiki at the convenience store earlier that day. He then reminisces over the previous night, when Yoshimura explained Kaneki’s origin as a ghoul, with Rize being responsible for it. Kaneki also remembers resisting the package of human meat by drinking coffee to suppress his appetite. Kaneki discovers that not only could he drink the brewed coffee, but also eat the coffee grains.

He then notices a food hamper left for him by Hide.


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