Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Chapter: 39
Japanese Title: 饗宴
Romanized Title: Kyōen
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: July 12, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-33
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 38 Chapter 40

Feast (饗宴, Kyōen) is the 39th chapter in the manga.



Tsukiyama had kept the quinque as a souvenir. Kaneki wonders if Taro’s skills can compete with an investigator from the main office. He notices that Taro only has strength and not speed, and Tsukiyama on the other hand, advises Kaneki that he’d better use his kagune, for he’d be killed soon enough anyway. Kaneki makes a plan to escape, indicating that he must first defeat Taro. Tsukiyama notices when Kaneki goes by the teachings of his martial arts book, successfully cracking Taro’s arm.

Kaneki falls to the ground, suddenly feeling weak, but it is made known that they prepared a special gas for inhalation; as there were people who did not drink the poisonous coffee. Since the effects of the gas are slow, Kaneki decides to give his all for the moment. He exposes his kakugan. However, Kaneki falls even weaker this time giving Taro the opportunity to finally kill him.

Upon noticing that Kaneki is a One-Eyed ghoul, Tsukiyama concludes that his ‘dinner’ cannot be spoiled, and decides to take down Taro, tearing him to shreds. Instead, Madam A decides that Taro would be the night’s dinner instead. Tsukiyama apologizes to Kaneki, asking that he forget about the whole thing.


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