Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Chapter: 38
Japanese Title: 解体
Romanized Title: Kaitai
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: July 5, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-32
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 37 Chapter 39

Dismantling (解体, Kaitai) is the 38th chapter in the manga.



They decide to take down the scrapper, Taro, but Kobachi is killed when his arm is sawed off and thrown into the crowd. Kaneki decides to protect Ami by asking her to stay behind him; but instead she kicks him right to the feet of the scrapper, saying that Kaneki should die as the decoy if he really wanted to protect her. Taro then begins to chase Ami, whom is surprisingly fast as running though she is obese. It is revealed that the coffee from earlier had poisoned Ami, thus weakening her in the legs. Taro opportunistically tackles Ami to the ground, but is distracted by Kaneki. He then tries to saw through Kaneki’s arm, but the blade does him no harm, as he is a ghoul.

After unlatching a suitcase, Taro large hacksaw quinque, much to Kaneki’s fright.


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