Lone Battle
Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Chapter: 35
Japanese Title: 孤闘
Romanized Title: Kogun
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: June 14, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-29
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 34 Chapter 36

Lone Battle (孤闘, Kogun) is the 35th chapter in the manga.



Kaneki is requested to gather secret information from Tsukiyama on his Gourmet Club. He searches the city for the restaurant, but gets lost. Kaneki suddenly comes up to a fight scene in a distant corner, whereby the victim is Nishiki. He starts to wonder if he should call the police first, but unthinkingly steps in the stand up for Nishiki. The gang starts to interrogate him, explaining that the only reason they wanted to cannibalize Nishiki is because of his weakness and injuries. After attempting to bludgeon Kaneki, they realize that he is the one-eyed ghoul that killed the investigator, though this wasn’t true. They therefore flee from him immediately.

Kaneki brings home Nishiki, where Kimi takes charge of him. Nishiki reveals that Tsukiyama has been searching for him, and warns Kaneki to stay far from the Gourmet. It is made known that after Rize’s death, a lot of strange things have been happening around Tokyo. Kimi confronts Kaneki about being a ghoul, to which he begs her to not say a word about his identity. She in turn asks that he keep quiet about her harboring Nishiki, for it’d be dangerous if the CCG found out. Kimi mentions that keeping a ghoul is worse than keeping a criminal, for which one could suffer severe penalties.

Kimi admits that she isn’t scared of being with Nishiki and prefers to stay by his side. Kaneki then concludes that she is blindly devoted, and that if humans and ghouls are able to co-exist, it would be a good thing.


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