Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Chapter: 33
Japanese Title: 甘言
Romanized Title: Kangen
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: May 31, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-27
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 32 Chapter 34

Flattery (甘言, Kangen) is the 33rd chapter in the manga.



Tsukiyama tours the campus of Kamii University, where he approaches Kaneki as he was reading a book. He introduces himself, and admits that meeting Kaneki was the reason why he enrolled in the first place. Kaneki grows apprehensive but befriends him anyway. He reveals to Tsukiyama that he has been reading a Martial Arts book due to the dangerous times they’re living in. Kaneki and Tsukiyama both share their love and opinions on the context of Literature and Reading. Tsukiyama then tells Kaneki of a personal café he knows, since Kaneki’s favorite author, Tatatsuki goes there too. Kaneki suspects that Tsukiyama may be plotting against him, concluding that he must not trust Tsukiyama completely.

However, Tsukiyama tries to persuade him that he’s simply not the person people perceive him to be, because all he ever wanted was to talk with someone whom he had things in common with; and according to him, since Rize was that one, he has been lonely ever since she died. The two then make a date to meet and talk to each other on Sunday. Kaneki goes back to Anteiku where he meets Yomo unexpectedly. Yomo asks Kaneki to accompany him to a place, since someone had randomly requested to see Kaneki.

At the 14th ward, Yomo takes Kaneki to a bar. At first, Kaneki is pranked by a woman whom he comes to know as Itori, a friend to both Uta and Yomo, and the owner of the Helter Skelter Bar.


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