Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 3
Japanese Title: 最悪
Romanized Title: Saiaku
Total Pages: 26
Year Released: September 22, 2011
Young Jump: Issue 2011-43
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 2 Chapter 4

Terrible (最悪, Saiaku) is the 3rd chapter in the manga.



Touka notes that only one of Kaneki’s eyes is red, questioning his refusal to eat the disembodied hand. She then comes to the realization that Kaneki was not eaten, and must have been associated with Rize in some form. Kaneki is broken out of his abstraction by the sound of his ring tone, and goes home to get ready for bed. He listens to the voice message sent by Hide, offering him the notes he missed out from class, also reminding him of Takatsuki’s book-signing event at the bookstore.

Kaneki goes to the bookstore only to see that the event is already over, subsequently deciding to head back home. This is where Kaneki’s hunger strikes again, in the form of a craving for human meat. He then starts an internal monologue, pondering over the people who walk by him, and how much he needs their flesh. He rushes to a public bathroom where he lapses into scrutiny of his eye. He angrily punches the mirror, breaking it, cutting his hand in the process.

Back home, Kaneki studies “The Black Goat’s Egg” trying to relate the novel to his current situation; a mysterious serial killer who’s a female ghoul, and her only son being the protagonist. He finally manages to grasp the fact that Rize’s organs were transplanted to him, and decides to rip them out, aiming for his kidney first. Despite his best efforts the kitchen knife is bent instead. Kaneki’s hunger takes its toll, to the point where he contemplates upon eating human flesh. With nowhere else to turn, he goes to Anteiku, asking Touka for help while saying that his life has been ‘terrible.’

Touka says no and mocks him, informing him that he’s now half-human half-ghoul, then asks him to show her what human food tastes like. She reveals what a ghoul’s terrible life truly is like, mentioning how their lives are being hunted daily by investigators and other ghouls. Touka tells him that she was born into this life, and suggests that he dies on his own.

They’re interrupted by Yoshimura, the owner of the café, whom offers Kaneki help. Touka objects to her boss’s decision, only to be reminded that helping a fellow ghoul was Anteiku’s policy. They lead Kaneki to a storage room underground, where Kaneki is given a small package of human meat.


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