Chapter Info
Volume: 3
Chapter: 23
Japanese Title: 失踪
Romanized Title: Shissō
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: March 15, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-16
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 22 Chapter 24

Disappearance (失踪, Shissō) is the 23rd chapter in the manga.



Touka and Kaneki race through the streets in search for Hinami. Kaneki decides to make a phone call to Yoshimura, to tell him of Hinami’s disappearance. Touka assumes that the newspaper she gave Hinami is the reason why she ran away. She is then reminded of what her younger brother Ayato, said to her the night he left to join Aogiri Tree-she must learn to take responsibility for her own deeds.

Close to Kusahara Elementary School, Touka finds Hinami via her scent. When offered to go home, Hinami refuses, implying that no matter where she hides, she’d be killed by the doves too. Hinami also confronts Touka about her killing Kusaba. Touka notices that Hinami is clutching to the disembodied hand of her mother’s corpse, questioning the notion that it is wrong for ghouls to live. Touka reassures her that the CCG holds no genuine information, except for those who saw her during Ryouko’s execution.

Touka swears to protect Hinami, and calls Kaneki to inform him about Hinami’s whereabouts. Suddenly Kureo Mado intervenes. Kaneki contemplates on meeting them at Anteiku, but upon seeing Amon speaking on the phone, implying the emergence of ghouls nearby, Kaneki puts on his mask and decides to stall Amon.


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