Chapter Info
Volume: 3
Chapter: 21
Japanese Title: 哀悼
Romanized Title: Aitō
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: March 1, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-14
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 20 Chapter 22

Sorrow (哀悼, Aitō) is the 21st chapter in the manga.



Mado suggests that they talk in a private room further into the building; promising not to take up much of their time. Touka tries to make excuses, fearing that she and Kaneki would have to pass through the Rc Scan Gate in order to enter the building. Mado however, ignores Touka and drags Kaneki along. Kaneki grows anxious, for the machine might detect the Rc type of his transplanted ghoul organs. Mado smirks mischievously, forcing Kaneki through the gate, only to gain no response from it. Touka and Kaneki manage to get out of the headquarters safely. Kaneki starts to wonder why the gate didn’t detect him, considering the reason to be his human parts.

When Amon approaches, Mado immediately implies that he sensed Touka and Kaneki to be ghouls, but couldn’t get a response from the gate once he pulled Kaneki through it. Though Ippei Kusaba’s funeral was being held, Amon and Mado refrained from attending it, just to work on a ‘minute extra.’ Mado predicts that Kusaba’s death is partly related to the parent-child ghoul case. Nakajima and Amon go out for dinner, where Nakajima pities and shows great sympathy for Kusaba’s death, and reminded Amon of how much Kusaba respected him. Amon becomes optimistic, saying that Nakajima should treat him to dinner next time in Kusaba’s place.

In his apartment complex, Amon is seen exercising vigorously, declaring a promise to avenge those who had lost their lives while fending to protect others.


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