Strange Phenomenon
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 2
Japanese Title: 異変
Romanized Title: Ihen
Total Pages: 30
Year Released: September 15, 2011
Young Jump: Issue 2011-42
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 1 Chapter 3

Strange Phenomenon (異変, Ihen) is the 2nd chapter in the manga.




After Kaneki's operation the media is curious of the details. Kanou holds a press conference explaining the details of the incident and the measures taken following the operation. The media is curious on why he let the woman, Rize, die. Kanou explains this by mentioning that her death was already certain by the time she was brought in.

Later Kaneki questions the events from the night of the incident to be a dream, but the scar on his stomach tells him otherwise.

As time passes Kaneki is health is being reviewed by Kanou, and then he follows by asking Kaneki why he isn't eating the food he is being served. Kaneki proceeds with tasting more of the food after the meeting with Kanou, his initial reaction is, "disgusting", and Kaneki discovers that everything tastes disgusting for him. He notices that even though he never eats anything, he hardly gets hungry. He jokes, and says "Maybe I am turning into an insect too", refering to a book by his favorite author Sen Takatsuki.

After his release from the hospital Kaneki gets invited to Big Girl Restaurant by his best friend Hide. They order food, and Kaneki proceeds by tasting the burger he once loved. "It is like I'm chewing pig intestines!" is Kaneki's reaction to his first real bite.

Later on after leaving Big Girl, Kaneki picks up a ball from the street, returning it to the little girl who dropped it. Kaneki instantly gets attracted to the smell of flesh, but gives his drool a big swallow and returns home.

On the TV there is a broadcast referring to details about Ghouls. On the show a "Ghoul Specialist" says that ghouls feels the urge to vomit after tasting food, and all food tastes disgusting to them. This is when Kaneki realizes that the organs implanted in him had an effect on his body.

This is when Kaneki panics and proceeds to taste everything in his refrigerator, but everything still tastes disgusting.

Kaneki goes outside for a while when he sees a girl being bothered by an adult male. Kaneki recognises the girl instantly, and gets the urge to taste her meat. The man approaches Kaneki, and Kaneki responds by yelling at him, while unconsciously glaring at him with his one-eyed Kakugan.

This is when Touka cuts his head in half, in a result from pissing her off. Touka, the girl mentioned, picks up his severed arm, and offers it to Kaneki.


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