Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 19
Japanese Title: 地下
Romanized Title: Chika
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: February 16, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-12
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 18 Chapter 20

Underground (地下, Chika) is the 19th chapter in the manga.



Kaneki and Touka go underground to train, and on the way, Kaneki learns that Hinami stays at Anteiku, and suddenly wonders if she sleeps well at nights. When Kaneki questions the appearance of the underground pathway, Touka mentions that the Tokyo ghouls built it a long time ago so as to isolate themselves from humans. It is also possible that one could get lost, since the pathway goes even deeper.

Kaneki becomes nervous when Touka says she’s about to “teach” him by demonstrating, adding that he might die in the process. She lunges toward him, hitting him in the gut, and then begins to swing her fists, to which Kaneki successfully dodges. She sends him crashing into the ground, and pulls off his eye patch. Noticing that Kaneki didn’t seem violated by any of her actions, she uses her boot to bend his index finger all the way back; breaking it in the process.

She gives him another warning; telling him that he might die again-signaling a more intense move to come his way.  In defense, Kaneki is forced to bring out his kagune, but Touka delays her attack, saying that the kagune he used on Nishiki was way more powerful. Noting his kagune shape to be different, Touka remarks that Kaneki is a Rinkaku type ghoul just as Rize. Rinkaku ghouls are strong, heal quickly and are superior to all others in tenacity. If Kaneki combines this with Rize’s superhuman strength, he would be able to fight both on the defensive and offensive sides of combat. Since there are times where he can’t take out his kagune during close combat, Touka advises him to therefore train by doing athletic exercises and a lot of physical activities.  

Seeing his repulsion to the advice, Touka tugs on Kaneki’s shirt, insulting his physique. Suddenly Uta interrupts, saying that he just stopped by to drop off Kaneki’s mask. Uta mentions that he placed the eye patch style on the right style instead, for he wanted to see the eye that’s normally covered.


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