Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 18
Japanese Title: 未開
Romanized Title: Mikai
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: February 9, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-11
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 17 Chapter 19

Savage (未開, Mikai) is the 18th chapter in the manga.



Touka takes care of her wound, while Kaneki decides to go to the storeroom to get some roasted Espresso coffee beans. He bumps into Touka, asking her for the beans, but as she reaches for the jar, she drops the jar due to feeling a sharp pain in her arm, spilling the coffee beans. When he shows concern, Touka orders Kaneki to leave her alone, pushing him out of the room.

Yoshimura assumes that she's been involved with the doves (ghoul investigators). He then mentions that since she got involved, she should take all the responsibility, and whether she lives or dies is no one else's concern. Nevertheless, Kaneki decides to help her.

When he offers her treatment, Touka calls Kaneki "irritating" for a mere human. He insists that he's partially ghoul too, but Touka says he's only pretending to be an ally, calling him a weak coward after he couldn't bring himself to kill the doves in her place using Rize's kagune. Touka then mentions that she deserves to die, and although she knows there are good humans, ghouls like Ryouko and Hinami were killed arbitrarily though they couldn't fend for themselves.

Despite Touka being wrong for avenging them, Kaneki explains how he'd feel if someone close to him dies, especially Touka, he would grieve. He then requests that she teach him to control his kagune; since doing nothing is worse than being able to stand up against ghoul investigators.


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