Mother and Daughter
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 15
Japanese Title: 母娘
Romanized Title: Oyako
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: January 19, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-08
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 14 Chapter 16

Mother and Daughter (母娘, Oyako) is the 15th chapter in the manga.



Raising Asaki’s mask in front of Ryouko, Mado requests her to spare them time, so he could ask her questions. When people close in on them, Amon openly admits that he and Mado are Ghoul Investigators, and that the people should leave immediately. Scared, Hinami clutches to her mother, who then tells her to run. Ryouko unleashes her kagune.

Kaneki leaves Anteiku to go home, and while walking down the street, he overhears pedestrians talking about a ghoul they saw. Picking up a card from the ground, Hinami comes to Kaneki’s mind.

Mado realizes that Ryouko is not accustomed to fighting, nor can she use her kagune well. He also comments that he hates it when ghouls imitate humans; as Ryouko sacrifices for Hinami. Mado takes out his quinque, and orders Ryouko to express her hatred and despair.

Worried, Kaneki tries calling Yoshimura, but to no avail, he starts to question if he could do anything when he gets to the scene. He hears Hinami calling out to him, and they decide to run and help her mother.

Witnessing Mado interrogate Ryouko, Kaneki doesn’t know what to do, and both he and Hinami are forced to watch helplessly as Ryouko is beheaded by Mado. Kaneki could’ve only done one thing, to cover Hinami’s eyes so that she didn’t see the sight in front of her.


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