Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 13
Japanese Title: 白鳩
Romanized Title: Shirahato
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: December 22, 2011
Young Jump: Issue 2012-04-05
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 12 Chapter 14

Dove (白鳩, Shirahato) is the 13th chapter in the manga.



Kaneki grows apprehensive, as his shoe accidentally thuds against a dead body, leading Yomo to assume that this was his ‘first time.’ This is where Kaneki finds out that many people die of their own free will at this location. Yomo also informs him that although Anteiku feeds off suicide victims, the members also kill humans, which he seems to feel guilty about. He then asks Ken to put the body in the bag, but decides to do it instead due to Kaneki’s hesitancy. Yomo also shows remorse for taking the body, as shown when he puts his palms in the form of a prayer. Kaneki wonders about the meaning of this gesture, assuming that ghouls have feelings just as humans though.

On the way back to Anteiku, they escort Ryouko, since she is not supposed to be on the streets walking by herself. Ryouko mentions that she went to her husband’s grave to bury his mask, but Yomo contradicts, saying that their stay at Anteiku is not only for Hinami’s sake-the ghoul investigators didn’t come to the 20th ward searching for Rize, but to kill Ryouko instead. Ryouko is doing all she can to keep Hinami out of the situation, calling herself a spoilt child for relying on her husband so much. Kaneki notices that no matter what world it may be, a mother’s concern for her child is always strong.

At the CCG Headquarters, the investigators discuss several cases, particularly numbers 720 and 722. However, case 723 of the 20th ward draws the most attention-the suspect got off a train at the fifth station, then approached a stone monument, and after a few moments, was picked up by an accomplice via automobile, Amon berates his friend for not trying to acheive more information regarding the investigation, saying that the CCG’s morality is justice, and that they should do any possible thing in their power to restore order.

Amon visits the gravesite, and digs up a ghoul mask. This suggests that case 723, Ryouko, is indeed a ghoul, since the item from the grave corresponds to case 696, which is Ryouko’s husband, Asaki Fueguchi.


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