Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 12
Japanese Title: 任務
Romanized Title: Ninmu
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: December 15, 2011
Young Jump: Issue 2012-03
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 11 Chapter 13

Mission (任務, Ninmu) is the 12th chapter in the manga.



Kaneki makes yet another attempt at eating the sandwiches but fails again, despite all the advice he was given by Yoshimura. Instead, he decides to use the sugar cube in his coffee. He speaks with Hide, whom reassures him that he's been looking much better lately, compared to when he looked as pale as a zombie; leading Kaneki to think that it is because of the sugar cube he consumed earlier. A girl believed to be Nishio's girlfriend approaches them, handing over the DVD Nishiki had promised. In spite of Hide's efforts to find out where Nishiki is hospitalized at, his girlfriend doesn't covey the information, and walks away instead. The truth is Nishiki isn't hospitalized anywhere, but Kaneki still broods with suspicion, thinking that the girl only showed up to investigate the condition the two boys were in, and lastly report it to Nishiki.

It seems the 20th ward becomes dangerous as of late, for there is word that deaths are occurring by the hands of 'Doves', rendering ghouls to be more cautious now than ever. Kaneki recognizes that in the ghoul world, information seems to be the most important thing; Anteiku being the place at which it is discussed. Ken is told that his mask is already formed, and that Touka has taken a break off of work due to upcoming exams. Kaneki is also asked a favor by Yoshimura, to go shopping for 'food supplies', being human meat. He is reluctant at first, but agrees to go once he finds out that Yomo will be going too.

Kaneki starts to wonder what kind of person Yomo may be, but once they meet, he notes Yomo to be scary, as he wasn't a man of words. Kaneki gets agitated since Yomo ignores him multiple times. He then stumbles over a part of the cliff and falls to the forest floor, thankfully sustaining no injuries because of his durable ghoul characteristics.

He becomes puzzled at the creepy appearance of the place they were to really shop at for 'food supplies.'


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